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Grant audit


When it comes to applying for specific grants or subsidies, regardless of their field, an audit is required in order to justify the grant application with regard to applicable law.

Over the last 8 years, Capital Auditors has become specialised in the auditing of grants and subsidies, becoming one of the main auditing firms in this area.

+ 50 million euros. Special
reports of grants made

Grant reports

Both on a European and a national level, as well as on behalf of some Autonomous Communities and City Councils who award grants and loans for specific activities of interest and that need to be reviewed by an accounts auditor registered with the ROAC.

All of these grants require a clearance of accounts report to justify the costs incurredfor the grant in accordance with the applicable law, which must be issued by an accounts auditor registered with the ROAC. At Capital Auditors, we have a team of auditors specialised in grant reports.

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Some of the grantswe have experience with

  • CEIPAR programme
  • CENIT programme
  • Euroresearch
  • FCCI Grants
  • Expande Programme
  • IVACE subsidies
  • Programme
  • Innoempresa
  • Innplanta Projects
  • PID Projects
  • Plan Avanza
  • Feder Project
  • Impacto Project
  • Retics Projects
  • Industrial Development
  • Experimental
  • Equipa Projects
  • ENIAC Projects
  • Programme
  • COMPITE programme
  • Research challenges
  • Research
  • Elkartek programme
  • FORCEM Grants
  • SOC Grant Audits
  • SOIB Grant Audits
  • ICAA Grants
  • ICIC Grants
  • Film Audits
  • Film Grant Audits
  • Feature Film Grant Audits
  • Video game Grant Audits
  • Ariadna Project